physicaltherapyboxOur physical therapist prides herself on providing the highest quality wellness and rehabilitation services available. With our coordinated approach to health, you will see results. Our physical therapist has advanced training, deep clinical experience and a compassionate approach to care.

A detailed evaluation allows your physical therapist to determine the root cause of your condition — we don’t just treat symptoms. We take ample time with each of our patients on an individual basis, helping ensure that our rehabilitation services help you recover, even if you have had little success with other providers. We listen intently, work with you and help ensure you get the care you need to improve your quality of life.



It is beneficial to see a physical therapist anytime you experience ongoing muscle pain, joint pain, decreased joint mobility, headaches, or any other musculoskeletal problem. Physical therapy is an excellent mode of rehabilitation for many kinds of injuries, such as a sprained ankle or dislocated knee. It is also wise to consult a physical therapist before starting a new exercise program if you have pre-existing musculoskeletal injuries.

Physical therapists use various methods, such as stretching the joint structures, massage, and exercises to retrain muscles that have stopped working properly. Sometimes treatment may include electrical stimulation to reduce pain or swelling or stimulate a muscle to contract, ultrasound to provide deep heat, and traction to stretch the neck or low back region.

With your active participation, your physical therapist will be on your team, providing you with the tools to recover and stay healthy. We only ask that you follow through with your home exercise program and instructions for the best results.


Meet the Therapist


Katy Patrick, PT, DPT.

Scott Family Health would like to welcome our new physical therapist Katy Patrick! Katy was born and raised in Colorado. She thoroughly enjoys athletics, and spent most of her life participating in and coaching gymnastics, which was instrumental in helping her find her true calling as a physical therapist. She attended Loma Linda University, where she completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2011. Prior to that, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Loma Linda University in Health Sciences. She has experience providing physical therapy for a wide range of conditions including but not limited to orthopedic, neurologic, women’s health and sports injury conditions, providing rehabilitation to all age groups. She is passionate about providing quality care and education to her patients to aid them in their path to recovery.

Katy has a passion for learning, and is continually pursuing continuing education opportunities. She recently completed her 200hr yoga teaching certification in April of 2014, and enjoys teaching yoga in her free time. She has also completed extensive continuing education training in golf rehab and biomechanical analysis of the golf swing. Katy’s interests include working out, reading, travel and spending time with her family and two dogs.