Studies show that between 50-80% of women suffer from nausea during pregnancy.  You don’t need to suffer!  Did you know that Acupuncture is one of the best techniques to natually lessen or do away with the symptoms of morning sickness? It’s true. In a study of 30 women receiving acupuncture treatments for two weeks, over 75% of them reported feeling much better within a few days.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to treat morning sickness.  Not only is acupuncture natural, but the effects on both mother and baby are nothing but positive! 

If the thought of being poked with needles scares you, let me tell you that the treatment is actually very relaxing . A lot of expectant moms fall asleep during the treatment.  Patients are usually surprised with how easy the process is, and will actually look forward to the second session.  Depending on how severe your symptoms are a course of 2-4 weekly treatment is advised.

In addition to reducing your nausea, acupuncture treatments can also help to boost your energy levels and promote sounder sleep.  If you have tried other rememdies and you are tired of suffering acupuncture is an excellent therapy to consider.  Give it a try!

Ashley Johnson, L.Ac., MSOM