There are many types of therapy that offer positive results. One of the better therapies that is available today is aquatic physical therapy.

Aquatic therapy is a special type of physical therapy that is performed in a therapy pool. The properties of water assist in patient healing and exercise performance. The buoyancy of the water helps to support the weight of the patient and reduces the stress put on the joints. The therapeutic properties of water allows for easier and less painful exercises. Water resistance can allow for the muscles to build up strength without the use of weights. Aquatic physical therapy utilizes hydrostatic pressure to reduces swelling, improve joint position awareness, and increases proprioception. The warmth of the water helps to relax muscles, increase vasodilatation, and increase blood flow. However, water therapy is not for every patient who needs to receive therapy. Those who do receive aquatic physical therapy typically transition to land physical therapy fairly quickly.

Aquatic physical therapy can be very beneficial for some individuals. The many benefits that aquatic therapy offers have been proven; however, aquatic therapy is not for every patient.