1. The Physiology of Posture

    APPENDIX B: The Anatomy of Your Posture From the book, “The Other Side of Pregnancy,” by Dr. Trenton Scott. As we saw back in Chapter 4, what we would call bad posture has the very real potential of creating back pain. Especially during pregnancy, you need to be cognizant of your posture and wor…Read More

  2. Chiropractic is like Captain America!

    The real truth behind what I do for a living is that Chiropractic is 100% American! Not only is it American but was promoted by Ronald Reagan! “What you talking about Willis?” It is true Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by a man named Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. He had a son BJ Palme…Read More

  3. New Healthcare Bill

    Ok, How can Washington, insurance companies and the AMA screw this up anymore? Clearly we are not going to reach happiness with any majority of the population with this bill. At the same time we are going to raise costs on the healthy people of this country to the tune of about $800.00 per individua…Read More

  4. Posture and Pregnancy

    How can I maintain good posture through my pregnancy? Part of the solution to the posture challenge in pregnancy comes from the members of your healthcare team. You need passive intervention. Your body needs to be stretched, strengthened, moved, touched, kneaded, and treated. Your team needs to alte…Read More

  5. Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

    CHAPTER 7 GETTING YOURSELF IN SHAPE FOR THE BIG EVENT What can I do to get my body ready for labor and delivery? If they’re truly honest with themselves, most women will admit they aren’t in shape for the ordeal their body is about to experience when they learn that they are pregnant. It’s tim…Read More

  6. How does lower back pain begin?

    I love this question. It is a question I answer everyday in practice. It is a very simple answer with complicating factors. Let’s begin with a question. How does a cavity start? If you ask your dentist this question he/she will tell you about sugars, bacteria and acid formation or something to tha…Read More

  7. Straight talk and the Truth

    I know I seem very harsh and certainly out of the mainstream with what is being spoken about core strength. It seems everyone these days has a “bellyblaster” to sell you or some new shape up or ship out gadget. Low back pain is so prolific that everyone seems to be an “expert”. I happen to w…Read More

  8. Love or Hate?

    I was getting my haircut the other day and the appointment was going great. Great until the stylist (no longer barber) asked if I had the day off. I answered, “yes I do.” and then I waited for the follow up question. Then it came about fifteen seconds later. Stylist, “so what do you do for a l…Read More

  9. Should I ice or heat my back when painful??

    I get this question almost daily in my practice. The short answer is ice. Why you ask? Well, it all boils down to neuroanatomy and how cold and heat are delivered to the brain. It also has to do with inflammation and inflammatory enzymes which is a routine and primary cause of pain. First lets discu…Read More

  10. Pregnancy tome eyes ‘other side’

    Pregnancy tome eyes ‘other side’ By Shelley Widhalm Loveland Reporter-Herald Loveland resident Trenton Scott has been asked how, as a man, he can write about pregnancy in his book “The Other Side of Pregnancy,” published in 2008.“I felt there was a story to be told about what I do for a li…Read More