1. What Is Functional Fitness?

    When most people think of fitness, they think of someone jogging around Lake Loveland or lifting heavy weights at the gym. Fitness culture is chock-full of six packs, supplements, and people pushing their physical limits to either improve their athletic performance or their body composition. Believe…Read More

  2. Book Appointments Easily Online or Mobile

    There are several ways to book appointments for any of our services at Scott Family Health, whether you need to schedule chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, or massage therapy. In this week’s post we’d like to review them all just to remind our patients of their options. You can th…Read More

  3. We Don’t Do “Drive-By” Physical Therapy

    If you’ve had physical therapy you know that depending on your issues, PT treatments may consist of strengthening exercises, stretching, manual therapy, or modalities to aid in your recovery process. But some physical therapy providers have fallen into a “business model” that detracts from pat…Read More

  4. Beating Arthritis with Physical Therapy

    "You have arthritis."  Those are words no one ever wants to hear.  So what caused it?  What do you do about it? Can physical therapy actually help me?  Can you still keep up with your usual physical activities?  Below, I will briefly answer each question. What caused it? Arthritis can occur due…Read More

  5. Get Moving the Right Way in 2016

    Making a New Year’s Resolution to get fit in 2016? You’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular resolutions, but it’s also a common way people end up “overdoing it.” At Scott Family Health, our physical therapy team can help you get on track with your fitness goals safely with a Func…Read More

  6. Physical Therapy for Runner’s Knee

    Runner's knee is a condition that is typically felt as pain around the patella, or knee cap. This pain can occur after increasing your mileage, changing the incline of your run, or even just as a new runner starting his/her training. When we treat this diagnosis in our Loveland or Fort Collins offic…Read More

  7. Treat your Injury to Promote Better Healing

    When it comes to athletes, they’re always pushing their bodies to the limits. Not only are they training consistently for hours each day of the week, but they are usually following a nutrition regimen as well. Athletes seem to know their body’s much better than the average Joe, which is understa…Read More

  8. Physical Therapy is not “No Pain, No Gain”

    When exercising most people bank on the philosophy of “No pain, no gain.” Which in many cases is the wrong philosophy to follow. In fact when receiving treatment in physical therapy that is not the situation. Therapy should never cause more pain. Pain is a warning response from the body to preve…Read More

  9. Physical Therapy Stretching

    Stretching, a word that is typically thrown around yet minimally utilized. The theories about stretching have frequently fluctuated. Therapeutic stretching however has been proven to be beneficial in many if not most cases. Stretching in physical therapy is a great tool that is utilized. Physical th…Read More

  10. Physical Therapy Patient Expectations

    Being a new patient can be scary. Most people do not know what to expect when going to physical therapy. Physical therapy is similar to most other healthcare appointments. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect. Whenever you are a new patient you can expect paper work. Physical therapy is n…Read More