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Our Philosophy

At Scott Family Health, we combine medical history examination, patient education, and quality chiropractic care for the best patient experience and improved holistic health. We like to learn about our patients and their medical problems and history to tailor our care to their needs, and find unique, yet proven solutions to help our patients feel better and live their best lives.

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With Scott Family Health, you’re not just getting experienced chiropractors—you’re also getting a full team of acupuncture therapists, physical therapists, and massage therapists to help you treat your health issues as effectively as possible. Come in for an adjustment or a massage, or combine treatments for more aggressive treatment and improved holistic health! No matter your needs, we can help—schedule an appointment today!

The Loveland chiropractors at Scott Family Health see all kinds of patients on a day-to-day basis with unique aches, pains, and misalignments in their bodies—all of which can be caused by lifestyle choices, physical and psychological stress, and a variety of medical conditions.

However, many people with these medical problems don’t even realize that chiropractic care is a an excellent option to help them relieve pain, improve body alignment, and boost holistic health.

So who are the best candidates for chiropractic care? In this blog, the integrative health team at Scott Family Health will answer this question and more, helping you understand if routine trips to the chiropractor could help you improve your health and your life.

You get frequent headaches or migraines.

People all over the country suffer from headaches of many kinds, but the most common forms of headaches are tension headaches and migraines, which can be uncomfortable at best and completely debilitating at worst.

These kinds of headaches can be caused by poor lifestyle choices like a lack of sleep, physical inactivity, or an unhealthy diet, but they can also be caused or made worse by misalignments and tension in the upper back and neck. Office workers who spend a lot of time sitting are at a higher risk for problems in these areas (we’ll touch more on this later), but basically anyone with posture that isn’t optimal is subject to headaches at one time or another.

Fortunately, routine trips to the chiropractor can ease tension, improve spinal alignment, and lessen the effects of migraines and headaches so you can work harder, use fewer pain medications, and live a healthier life.

You spend a lot of time working in an office.

Office work and headaches go hand in hand—but the health problems don’t stop there. Workers who spend six hours or more are subjecting themselves to what is colloquially known as “sitting disease.” Spend too much time sitting on a day-to-day basis, and you’re discouraging proper blood circulation in your body, promoting poor posture habits, and increasing your risk for just about every disease in the book that you’d never, ever want to deal with (heart disease, kidney disease, and various forms of cancer, to name a few).

Ultimately, avoiding the effects of sitting disease starts with routine exercise and a healthy diet—but chiropractic care can also be a huge piece of the health puzzle. There’s not much you can do about the fact that you sit a lot at your job—you’re going to spend a lot of your time hunched in front of a computer screen. Routine trips to the chiropractor can keep your spine aligned, improve your circulation, and make you feel for alert, healthy, and energetic—no matter how much time you spend in an office chair.

You spend a lot of time working out or playing sports.

Chiropractic care isn’t just for those with sedentary lifestyles. In fact, it can be hugely beneficial for the athletes and gym rats of the bunch. Those who put physical stress on their bodies through long-distance running, weight training, and high-impact sports like football, hockey, and basketball can have a lot of aches, pains, and misalignment in their bodies—and these ailments can put these high-performing athletes at risk for injury and prevent them from performing at their very best in the gym or on the field.

Frequents trips to the chiropractor are essential for athletes who want to be at the top of their game. Getting realigned and adjusted will improve circulation for better muscle performance, increased energy, and better body response during games or workout sessions. Plus, you’ll feel better in general, which can give you a mental ahead for the athletic performance ahead.

The soles of your shoes wear out in different ways.

There are many different ways in which people walk and make contact with the ground—the story is always told in the soles of their shoes. Some people are overpronators, leaving wear and tear on their shoes near the ball of the foot and the inner heels. Others are underpronators (supinators) who often have wear and tear on the outer edges of their shoes. Neither of these walking or running styles are ideal, but they’re not dangerous, either.

However, if you notice that each shoe in a pair is wearing out in a different way—like if the left shoe is wearing out on the outside and the right shoe is wearing out in the middle—you might have a misalignment that could be causing back pain, hip pain, and muscular imbalances in your body.

If you notice uneven wear patterns from left shoe to right shoe, it’s time to head to the chiropractor for some adjustments. Manual adjustments can improve the alignment of your hips, legs, and spine, and ensure you’re striking the ground for evenly than ever before.

You’ve been in an accident recently.

If you’ve been in a jarring car or bike accident, it can certainly cause physical and emotional pain and leave you feeling off balance. But these types of impact accidents can also leave your with misalignments, neck and bain tension, pinched nerves, and other recurring aches and pains that will make you feel like you’re never going to recover from your accident. This is where a few chiropractic adjustments can come in handy.

Always talk to your physician (and get an in-depth medical examination) before heading to the chiropractor after your accident to make sure you don’t need more traditional medical methods to heal your body first. But if your doctor recommends chiropractic treatment and you don’t have any serious injuries, a few trips to the chiropractor can help you improve your alignment and get back to feeling like yourself again.

You have sharp, shooting pains down your legs.

If you have sharp pains, tingling sensations, or sudden weakness in your legs, there’s a chance you have a pinched nerve or a slipper disc. This isn’t something you can ignore—if you’re experiencing these symptoms, you need to see a physician as soon as possible.

Traditional doctors can do a lot to treat these ailments and the symptoms that come with them, but sometimes, the pain itself has more to do with a spinal misalignment. Manual adjustments made by a chiropractor can take pressure off pinched nerves and speed up healing and alignment for slipped discs so you can finally say goodbye to leg pains, tingling, and weakness for good.

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Chiropractic care is beneficial for just about anyone, helping them improve their health and well-being regardless of their lifestyle or current health. So why not start today?

At Scott Family Health, we’re dedicated to providing integrative health solutions for all of our patients—and it doesn’t stop with chiropractic care. We also offer massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture in our state-of-the-art health facilities, so you always have the solutions you need to feel healthy and pain-free. Stop by for a single service, or combine services for compounded health benefits! Don’t wait—get started with Scott Family Health today!