Our massage therapists in Loveland are highly trained professionals who are experienced in providing high-quality massages to clients who are experiencing both acute and chronic pain and conditions, as well as those that are simply looking for a stress-relieving experience. Our massage therapy professionals are licensed and have advanced training in sports massage, post motor vehicle accident, orthopedics, prenatal massage, reflexology, and massage related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.

We utilize a variety of muscle therapy techniques including deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, trigger point release, and muscle energy techniques. The goal of every massage therapy visit is to provide you with the relief that you need. At the beginning of every appointment, we will listen to your symptoms and concerns and provide you with an individualized massage that will address your problems specifically. The care you will receive from our massage therapists will consistently exceed your expectations!

Your Massage Therapy Visit

A massage therapy session at Scott Family Health begins with your therapist reviewing your diagnosis, health history, and any other problems you may be experiencing. An evaluation will then be performed to confirm your working diagnosis. Our therapists have immediate access to both a doctor of chiropractic care and a doctor of physical therapy, should any questions arise during treatment.

Safe, Non-Invasive Care

Massage therapy is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be beneficial for patients who have acute or chronic pain that could be stemming from deeper conditions. A continuing care plan may be recommended to ensure long-lasting benefits from massage therapy.

Sports Massage

During a sports massage, the therapist uses a variety of massage therapy techniques to focus on specific muscle groups throughout the body. A typical massage begins with rhythmic, stroking movements that relax the patient and allow the therapist to identify tense and tender areas. As the massage continues, the therapist gradually begins to focus on deeper tissues, using a kneading motion to stretch the muscle fibers and stimulate circulation. Finally, they may use forceful grasping and stretching motions to separate and break down harmful tissues with the body. The overall benefits of this type of massage is to provide athletes with the relief that they need to properly heal from the hard work that they put their body through.

Meet the Therapists

catherine-gerards-profile 1

Catherine Gerards, LMT

Catherine graduated from Kinnaird College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, with a bachelors degree in History and Geography. She moved to Fort Collins, CO in 1997 and graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in massage therapy in 2001.

She practiced massage therapy at Healing Arts Institute and Twenty Three Trees spa for 14 years, then
joined Scott Family Health in March 2014. Catherine has a diverse background in multiple massage
techniques, including neuromuscular rehabilitation. Having traveled extensively throughout the world,
she is able to connect with and relate to many different personality types. She has a passion for the
healing of others, and prides herself on providing effective treatment for her clients.

 Caitlin Stock, LMT

Caitlin graduated from the Academy of Natural Therapy in 2006 and joined Scott Family Health in 2016. With 8 years of experience Caitlin specializes in Neuromuscular therapy.  She has two children and loves spending time with them and her husband. Caitlin also loves spending time outdoors in beautiful Colorado.

Allyson Hanson, LMT

Allyson graduated from Healing Arts Institute in 2017. Sh believes massage is not just a luxury, it is essential to aid in healing our bodies. Allyson loves helping others by tailoring massages to meet the patients individual needs.

In Allyson’s spare time she enjoys being outdoors with her family. Whether it is mountain biking, hiking, skiing or hot yoga she’s always up for an adventure!

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Nicole Florez