Labral Tear

Situation: As its name implies, a labral tear is a condition characterized by tearing of the connective tissue within the hip joint known as the labrum. The hip is a ball and socket joint—the ball formed by the top of the thigh bone fitting into the socket of the pelvis. The depth of the socket and stability of the hip joint is provided by strong connecting cartilage known as the labrum, which also cushions the impact of the femur on the pelvis during weight-bearing activities. Normally the surface of the labrum is very smooth allowing easy movement of the femur on the pelvis. When the labrum is torn or damaged, the movement of the hips can become painful.

Causes: A labral tear often occurs traumatically in sports that require sudden changes of direction and twisting movements. Damage to the labrum can also occur during running or due to direct trauma such as a fall, heavy landing or motor vehicle accident. Occasionally, patients may develop this condition over time through gradual wear and tear associated with overuse.

Symptoms: Many people suffering from a labral tear report hearing an audible sound at the time of the injury or actually feeling a tearing sensation. Hip pain is usually felt in the groin, and/or lower back. Symptoms typically increase with weight-bearing activity and twisting movements of the hip. The hip may also feel weak or unstable and may click or lock during certain movements.

Treatment: Diagnosis of a labral tear will be made by the chiropractor and may include special testing such as an MRI, CT scan, or X-ray. Treatment options can include chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage therapy at our Loveland office. The chiropractor will help determine what type of treatments and modalities are appropriate for you.

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