What is Postural Syndrome?

Postural Syndrome refers to a condition where pain is experienced in the neck, what medical professionals call the cervical spine. This discomfort is only felt when activities place sustained stress on otherwise normal tissue.

Causes of Postural Syndrome

Poor posture for a prolonged period of time results in a continuous stretching force on the joints of your neck and back. This can occur when standing, sitting, or lying down.

Symptoms of Postural Syndrome

Pain from postural syndrome typically occurs when poor posture is maintained for an extended period. Pain is usually felt as a dull ache in the neck and upper back region and can occasionally be accompanied by soreness in the lower back.

Postural Syndrome Treatment

 In most cases, correcting posture eliminates postural syndrome pain. It is vital that proper posture is maintained to prevent a recurrence. Specific chiropractic care along with stretching and strengthening exercises can help improve this condition. Your chiropractor will explore the best treatment options for you. These may include diet, specific modalities and cooperative care with other health care professionals.

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