1. Therapeutic Massage Is For Helping Your Pain!

    As a chiropractor in an integrated care clinic, I am able to coordinate care for my patients in Loveland based on their individual needs. With chiro, acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage all in one place, I can pick and choose combinations of one or more treatments to help patients get better …Read More

  2. Shovel Snow Safely to Prevent Back Pain

    It’s the time of year in Loveland when we see an increase in chiropractic patients with injuries related to shoveling snow. This is usually a case of “overdoing it.” Before heading out to clear a snow-covered driveway, follow these tips to prevent injuries and soreness:   Warm-up your muscles…Read More

  3. How Healthy Hip Joints Prevent Back Pain

    Most Americans suffer from low back pain now and then. An often-overlooked cause is a dysfunctional hip joint (or joints). In our daily lives we spend a lot of time sitting down. We drive to work, sit at a desk, drive home, and then sit on the couch. Then one day you wake up with back pain. The issu…Read More

  4. Sleep Soundly Again With The Best Chiropractor In Loveland

    Do you wake up with back or neck pain?  Have you tried new pillows and mattresses without success?  The issue may be a misaligned spine.  The best chiropractor in Loveland can get your spine back into place, helping you better enjoy your sleep, among many other positive benefits.  Set up an appo…Read More

  5. Bring Your Questions To The Best Chiropractor In Loveland

    Are you leery about chiropractic care and how it can benefit you?  Wondering how twisting and cracking can actually make you feel better?  Well, a chiropractor's hands-on therapies and conservative methods have been proven in all major medical journals to, in some cases, be the best treatment opti…Read More