1. Shovel Snow Safely to Prevent Back Pain

    It’s the time of year in Loveland when we see an increase in chiropractic patients with injuries related to shoveling snow. This is usually a case of “overdoing it.” Before heading out to clear a snow-covered driveway, follow these tips to prevent injuries and soreness:   Warm-up your muscles…Read More

  2. How Healthy Hip Joints Prevent Back Pain

    Most Americans suffer from low back pain now and then. An often-overlooked cause is a dysfunctional hip joint (or joints). In our daily lives we spend a lot of time sitting down. We drive to work, sit at a desk, drive home, and then sit on the couch. Then one day you wake up with back pain. The issu…Read More

  3. Learn To Better Yourself At Scott Family Chiropractic

    The doctors at Scott Family Chiropractic can help make you feel better, that's a given.  But beyond that, during their consultation, they help you understand what is causing your pain.  And being taught by the best chiropractors in Loveland, Colorado will empower you to take better care of yoursel…Read More