1. Check for Whiplash Right Away After An Accident

    When you are hurt in a car crash, it can cause ongoing issues with neck pain and back pain, even if you don’t feel it right away on the day of the accident. Delays in the onset of symptoms are extremely common, and well-documented in medical literature. Discovering and paying attention to potentia…Read More

  2. Stay Active This Summer with Chiropractic and Massage

    We tend to be more physically active during the warm months of the summer. Especially here in Northern Colorado, with the miles of hiking and biking trails, beautiful camping sites in the mountains, and swimming in Lake Loveland! But with increased activity we sometimes overdo it and end up fe…Read More

  3. After Your Massage: 3 Ways to Boost the Benefit

    Whether you booked a massage therapist in Loveland for stress, some nasty tight spots that needed attention, or to aid in recovery from an injury, use these tips to maximize the benefits of your therapeutic massage treatment: 1. Stay hydrated with water (not coffee!) to equal about half your body we…Read More

  4. Scott Family Chiropractic – How Massage Can Benefit You!!!

    Massage Overview This treatment is designed to address soft tissue injuries and damage within the body. Massage therapy increases circulation, re-sets normal resting muscle tone, improves range of motion, and increases function of the body. Evaluation A massage therapy session at Scott Family Chirop…Read More

  5. Massage Therapy Loveland Colorado

    Massage Therapy is a safe and natural treatment. Tanya Hemberger, LMT, and Michelle Hykes, LMT, are our two amazing massage therapists at Scott Family Health. Tanya Hemberger studied at Colorado State University, she received her bachelor's degree in Art History and Human Development. She then rec…Read More

  6. Give the gift of Massage or Acupuncture this season!

    Our Massage and Acupuncture Packages make great gifts for all the people on your list this holiday season! Give the gift of good health! Our packages are a great idea because you can share the sessions between multiple people and they never expire! Massage Package: 3 one hour massages for $195, a sa…Read More

  7. Relax Today With A Massage

    At Scott Family Chiropractic, we care for your whole body. While we are a chiropractic office, we also offer other services, including massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Join us today to receive a massage to help relax you from everyday stresses. Our massages are safe and non-invasive. Scot…Read More