1. How Does Back Pain Begin?

    I love this question, and I hear it often from my chiropractic patients in Loveland. It’s a simple answer with complicating factors. Ask your dentist how a cavity starts and you’ll get a straightforward answer about sugars, bacteria and acid formation, or something to that effect. Ask an M.D., D…Read More

  2. Shovel Snow Safely to Prevent Back Pain

    It’s the time of year in Loveland when we see an increase in chiropractic patients with injuries related to shoveling snow. This is usually a case of “overdoing it.” Before heading out to clear a snow-covered driveway, follow these tips to prevent injuries and soreness:   Warm-up your muscles…Read More

  3. How Healthy Hip Joints Prevent Back Pain

    Most Americans suffer from low back pain now and then. An often-overlooked cause is a dysfunctional hip joint (or joints). In our daily lives we spend a lot of time sitting down. We drive to work, sit at a desk, drive home, and then sit on the couch. Then one day you wake up with back pain. The issu…Read More

  4. Consult the Best at Scott Chiropractic in Loveland!

    It can sometimes be hard to know which chiropractors to trust; do you really need twice a month adjustments for the next year, or do they just want your business? We know the tricks of the trade, and subscribe to a completely different practice. We make sure that you get exactly the treatment you …Read More

  5. Full Range of Health Therapies at Scott Chiropractic Loveland

    At Scott Family Health, we've learned that listening to our patients is the most effective tool we have to promote their health and well-being. That's why we've grown from our beginnings as chiropractic services in Loveland, to now offering a full range of therapies including chiropractic, massage, …Read More

  6. Why Scott Chiropractic Loveland?

    At Scott Family Health we know our patients have a choice of Loveland chiropractic offices. With our personalized approach to treating the whole patient, and careful chiropractic methods based on extensive training, we believe our patients receive the best chiropractic care available. Chiropractic i…Read More

  7. Hope and Healing at Scott Chiropractic Loveland

    If you've been struggling with chronic pain, we invite you to consider chiropractic care for pain relief. Our professional team of doctors have extensive experience in chronic pain management. At Scott Chiropractic we're committed to providing the highest quality health care at both of our offices …Read More

  8. Chiropractic Healing at Scott Family Health

    Our chiropractic patients in Loveland bring us many success stories reporting healing for conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries. Chiropractic is a health care approach that focuses on the relationship between the body's structure and its function. We've helped man…Read More